About Us

Gergen, Gergen & Pretto began life as Bissonnette & Knutson, S.C. in the back of a jewelry store in Beaver Dam’s historic Town Hall building in 1979. Its current roster of attorneys had its genesis in 1986 when Bill and Dawn Gergen replaced Attorney Knutson to form Bissonnette, Gergen & Gergen, S.C. In 1989, Attorney Bissonnette was elected Dodge County Circuit Court Judge, Branch 3. After a few years as Gergen & Gergen, S.C., Attorney Robert Pretto, an experienced personal injury lawyer with a practice in Madison, Wisconsin, joined the firm in 1992, creating Gergen, Gergen & Pretto, S.C. Bill, Dawn, and Bob were all classmates at the University of Wisconsin Law School, graduating in 1986. Adding Bob and his personal injury expertise rounded out the firm’s range of services, so that in addition to criminal and general civil litigation (Bill) and family law and probate (Dawn), the firm could now provide our clients with an injury attorney with several years of experience as a Madison, Wisconsin personal injury lawyer.

Since 1992, the firm’s structure has remained consistent, happily avoiding the turnover and personal upheavals so prevalent in the legal world over the last two decades.

Over this period of time and in their respective fields, Bill, Dawn, and Bob have litigated successfully on behalf of the clients of the firm in Dodge, Fond du Lac, Columbia, Green Lake, Dane, Jefferson and other Wisconsin counties even further afield from our home base in Dodge County.

So, whether the assistance you need is a car accident or workplace injury, divorce or paternity matter, estate plan or the probate of an estate, a criminal or traffic charge, real estate matter or other civil litigation, guardianship or even small claims matters, Gergen, Gergen & Pretto has the attorneys you need to help solve your legal problems.