Attorney Referrals

**State Bar Number Required

If you are reading this, you are an attorney trying to help your client find the right lawyer.

Perhaps you tried the case and are now faced with an appellate scenario you would rather not deal with.

Perhaps you have a litigation of a type you don’t handle or something odd that doesn’t fit into anyone else’s wheelhouse. I have made a litigation career out of accepting referrals from attor-neys in Columbus, Waupun, Horicon and others besides. I would be happy to work with you or take over for you on any matter in the circuit or appellate courts. Anything you wish (except the day before trial).

And it is understood, if you send me your clients for a litigation, I will send them right back to you to do their wills, real estate matters, etc. I am here to help you, not steal your clients. Give me a call.