Dodge County Construction Accident Lawyer serving Beaver Dam

Accidents occur both during and after the completion of construction projects every day. From getting caught in between machinery to deadly falls, construction failures and accidents claim hundreds of lives every year. Gergen, Gergen and Pretto can help you secure compensation from responsible parties if you are injured in a construction environment either through the workers compensation system of under general liability concepts.

Workers can be injured under the safest of conditions due to the inherently dangerous nature of the activity. While many injuries are no one’s fault, others are the result of someone else’s negligence. Construction work is dangerous when safety rules are not closely followed and/or job sites are disorganized.

If you are injured on a job site where there are multiple contractors and subcontractors, more often than not, negligent parties deny responsibility and blame the “other” guys. Sometimes they blame the injured worker.

Construction accident lawsuits can be complex and when something goes wrong, a number of people may be responsible. A skilled attorney can assess the potential liability of those involved in a construction project, investigate the source of the accident, and place fault with the responsible individuals or entities.

When you contact Gergen, Gergen and Pretto, you will speak directly with Attorney Robert Pretto who will work with your case from start to finish. Robert has focused his practice on personal injury and workplace injuries for over 30 years and obtained fair results for those who were injured on the job. To speak with him directly, call (920) 887-0371 or request a free consultation.