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Contract disputes can be complex and require an attorney experienced in drafting and litigating business agreements and breaches of contract.  When someone doesn’t keep his or her word and breaks a legally binding contract, there are consequences.  If you’re involved in a contract dispute, you need the help of an experienced contract dispute lawyer.  Gergen, Gergen & Pretto, S.C., located right here in Beaver Dam, are available to help.

Understanding Contract Disputes

Contract disputes in Wisconsin frequently surface in government, business, and personal affairs.  In some cases, two parties may have different interpretations of a contract, leading to conflict.  In other cases, one party may blatantly fail to honor its promise or engage in deceptive trade practices at odds with the agreement.  A contract dispute may be the result of a breach, miscommunication, or ambiguous contract terms.

Legally speaking, one party’s failure to fulfill a contractual obligation to another is a breach of contract.  When this occurs one or both parties may want to enforce the contract’s terms or recover compensation for any harm the breach caused.  On the other hand, one party may seek to have the contract voided and the parties placed back in their pre-contract position.  Either way, if informal resolution attempts fail, your next step is to file a lawsuit.

Typical legal remedies for contract breaches include damages recovery, specific performance, cancellation, and restitution.  Damage recovery is the most common remedy for a breach of contract.  The damages you may incur from a contract dispute vary depending on your situation.  Damages can include:

  • Compensatory damages, which restore you to the position you were in had the breach never occurred.
  • Punitive damages, which are payments the defendant must make beyond full compensation. These damages are the court’s way of punishing the breaching party for a wrongful act.  There are specific elements which must be proved above and beyond a simple breach to entitle a litigant to punitive also known as exemplary, damages.
  • Liquidated damages, which are specific damages each party identified in the contract itself in the event of a breach. They’re typically a negotiated estimate of potential, foreseeable damages.

Specific performance is a court-ordered performance of duty according to the contract.  Cancellation voids the contract and relieves both parties of contractual obligations, and restitution restores the plaintiff to the position he or she was in prior to the breach.  Your specific legal remedy will depend on the terms of the contract and the damages you sustain in the event of a breach.

Common Types of Contract Disputes

Gergen, Gergen & Pretto, S.C., Attorney William H. Gergen has over 30 years of experience handling contract litigation.  We know how damaging a contract dispute can be for relationships, reputations, and the personal repercussions the matters often have.  We provide clients with contract clarification and counsel as to how to achieve the best resolution.  Common contract disputes we’ve handled in Wisconsin have included:

  • General business contracts
  • Commercial contracts
  • Noncompete agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Insurance contracts
  • Service agreements
  • Employment contracts (usually referred for litigation – Employment Law is a very specialized area)
  • Construction contracts

No matter what type of contract dispute you need help with, the attorneys at Gergen, Gergen & Pretto, S.C., can give you sound advice and representation both in and out of the courtroom.

Civil Litigation Attorneys with You in Mind

Contract disputes may require arbitration, litigation, or mediation to resolve.  In the best-case scenario, the parties can agree on a resolution which is satisfactory to both sides.  Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.  When you need skilled, historically successful representation in the face of harmful contract breaches, trust Gergen, Gergen & Pretto, S.C.

William H. Gergen can help you enforce a binding contract or defend yourself against a breach of contract claim, providing you with invaluable assistance in or out of the courtroom.  With a high rate of success in court, we give you your best chance at receiving optimal results during conflict resolution.  Call today at (920) 887-0371, or schedule an appointment online to speak with William H. Gergen about your options.