Dodge County Civil Appeal Lawyer in Beaver Dam

Bill Gergen has had multiple successes at the Courts of Appeal in Wisconsin, and his lone forays to both the Wisconsin Supreme Court and the Federal Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago resulted in reversals of lower court rulings (wins for his clients).

Although no longer litigating in federal court, Bill is more than happy to review cases for appeal, even if he was not the attorney at the trial level.

If you had an unsatisfying result in court and want to consider an appeal, Bill Gergen is willing to take a look at your case and render an opinion regarding the likelihood of success on appeal.

Even if you won your case and the other side is appealing, if you are concerned about your attorney’s lack of experience or attitude about the appeal (some lawyers simply don’t like to do them), Bill would be happy to consult or take over the next step (appeal) in your ongoing litigation.