Dodge County Estate Planning & Probate Attorney in Beaver Dam

As a litigator, Bill has litigated many of the mistakes made by other attorneys’ drafting errors and choices. These experiences have created in Bill a certain perspective from which his estate plans flow.

“No one has a crystal ball. In planning for the future we must remain flexible enough that our plan allows for appropriate results even in changed or unanticipated circumstances. This may sound odd, but we prefer to put our faith in people not documents.” -Bill Gergen

What this means is that while your estate planning documents are important (especially your Will), when it comes to trusts, powers of attorney, and the selection of who to perform those functions, choosing the right person to do the job (power of attorney, trustee, personal representative) is far more important than what the paperwork says.

Assistance with the Probate Process | Gergen, Gergen & Pretto, S.C.

Losing a loved one is difficult. If your loved one has an estate, you may need to go through the probate process. Our attorneys are here to make the process easier for you. Probate refers to the legal proceedings that may need to occur after someone dies and the procedure for transferring ownership of the deceased person’s assets after death. The need for probate depends on what is in the decedent’s estate at death and the size or value of that estate.

Dawn Gergen has handled the probate of many estates in Dodge and surrounding counties. She has worked with families who had very small estates to resolve and estates in excess of a million dollars. Sometimes a probate process, a process overseen by the circuit court, is not nec-essary but rather other means of transferring assets may be available depending upon the size and complexity of the decedent’s assets left behind.